DocuTIFF is excited to open submissions for the 2015 festival

DocuTIFF is excited to open submissions for the 2015 festival, which will take place for the first year in Tirana, this coming May, 9–13, 2015.

The need of this New Festival creation was born after large application number sent during the 12th edition of TIFF 2014. There were about 5,400 films in all categories. It was impossible to show all these qualitative films at TIFF and that is the reason why we thought to devide and create every year new competition for each category such as DocuTIFF, AnimaTIFF, ExpoTIFF, for documentary film, animated and experimental one.


We choose to begin with documentary film as need of favorable climate creation in Albania and wider in region for development and cooperation of such productions.


DocuTIFF aims to encouraging documentary film production in Albania and to give more chances to our filmmakers finding cooperation and enabling mutual contacts with their colleagues in our region.


This edition of DocuTIFF is organized by Tirana Film Institute, Adriapol and Albania Art institute under the auspices of the Albanian National Center of Cinematography (QKK) and with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Albania.