Shqiperia - Notes From Albania

Director: Klaus Huebner

Englisht title:   Shqiperia - Notes From Albania
Original title:  Shqiperia - Notes From Albania

2012/Albania/  72’/ Documentary/ Colour

A place of dictatorial isolationists, trigger-happy masses and archaic blood feuds: to this day, thanks to propaganda and mass media sensationalism, Albania is still regarded as backwards and dangerous. This oversimplified prejudice stands in contrast with a reality a thousand times more complex. SHQIPËRIA – NOTES FROM ALBANIA offers a flow of stories from and about Albania, displaying the country in its true diversity, unspeculatively illuminating its beauty, conflicts and contradictions.
Klaus Huebner runs the film production studio EVOLVER FILME ( in Vienna, Austria. He has written, produced and directed several experimental films, short films, music videos and commercial/image films since 2000. SHQIPËRIA is his first feature-length production. Alfred Zacharias is a Vienna, Austria based documentary film maker and photographer. Since 1994, he has created noumerous video installations and exhibitions, and has worked on music videos, shorts and experimental films as DP, director or editor.