To make a film is to be alive

Director: Enrica Antonioni

Englisht title:  To make a film is to be alive
Original title:  Fare un film per me è vivere

1995/Italy/  52’/ Documentary / Colour

The fact that Beyond the Clouds was made at all represents something of a miracle, given that the octogenarian Antonioni had not made a picture in more than a decade as a result of a debilitating stroke, suffered a few years earlier, that left him essentially without speech. Otherwise physically and mentally capable, undauntedly, Antonioni summoned his strength to adapt some of his short stories into a script, recruited a first-class cast and shot it in Italy with backup from Wim Wenders, the German director who helmed the wraparound connecting material.

Never before has Michelangelo Antonioni allowed a crew to film him at work. Enrica Antonioni was able to follow him during the whole length of the making of his last film “beyond the clouds” shot with Wim Wenders’ collaboration. “Fare un film è per me vivere” shooting a film means living) is the backstage of the director’s last work, commented by his friend and scriptwriter Tonino Guerra. A voyage in the artistic universe of Antonioni’s unpublished writing. Today this documentary reveals once more the passion, thoroughness and integrity that have distinguished Michelangelos’ art.