Best Short Balkan

The portal is structured around a powerful movie database of Balkan films, professionals and companies. It is published in English and soon in all Balkan languages. Altcine aims to build a wide networking between cinema experts and organizations, open up new possibilities for artists and professionals in a multicultural environment and encourage further collaborations in the region.
For its  first anniversary the altcine team has decided to launch the 1st Online Short Film Festival for Balkan Filmmakers. The festival was conducted entirely online and forty-eight films representing six Balkan countries were submitted. The prizes were awarded based on votes by the public. The festival drew more than 3,000 reviewers, who chose the best films and at the same time, they competed for “The Best Critic Award”. This special jury was comprised of professors Georgana Doncheva (Bulgaria) and Maria Paradeisi (Greece), director Dimitris Koutsiambasakos (Greece), and Tirana Film Festival Director Agron Domi (Albania).
We are greatfull to the Tirana International Film Festival and Agron Domi for the opportunity to present a selection of altcineAction! Balkan Shorts during its screenings.
Ten films from six countries, will be presented in this special programme.
Elektra Venaki
Head of altcine and Director of altcineAction! Festival