The human Cargo
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Director: Daniele Vicari

Englisht title:  The human Cargo
Original title:  La nave dolce

2012/ Albania& Italy /  90’/ Documentary/ Colour

On August 8th 1991, an Albanian ship carrying twenty-thousand people arrives in the port of Bari. The ship is called Vlora. To those who watch her approaching, she looks like a teeming ant hill, an ill-defined mass of bodies clinging to one another. The docking man oeuvres are difficult. Some of the men on board dive into the sea and swim to shore. Many yell, “Italia, Italia,” holding up two fingers to signal victory.
Daniele Vicari was born in Castel di Tora, Rieti, Italy. He graduated at La Sapienza University of Rome, in Cinema. He directed several politically and socially engaged documentaries. The last one “Il mio Paese” (2006) was successfully screened in important festivals such as International Venice Film Festival, where it won the Pasinetti Award – for its up-to-date journalism. He directed also many features, among the latest “L’orizzonte degli eventi” (2005) which was screened at the 44tSemaine Internationale de la Critique at Cannes, and “Il passato è una terra straniera” (2008) which was screend at International Rome Film Festival.His next feature is currently in pre-production.


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