In The Lost Future
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Director: Enrico Masi

Englisht title:   In The Lost Future
Original title:    In Calabria o del futuro perduto

2012/Italy/  15’/ Fiction/ Colour – Black&White

The Arberesh are the largest linguistic minority in Italy, fully integrated and partially assimilated to the main Italian culture. But still in the Twenty-first Century, many impervious areas of the Calabrian Appennines maintain their ancient traditions, while undergoing the advance of globalization. Their resistance appears quite similar to that of Skanderberg, a valiant fighter involved in the defense of Albania against the Turkish invasion in the Fifteenth Century.

Enrico Masi (Bologna, Italy, 1983), a musician and director, started focusing on cinema in 2006, starting a research film called Shooting Postmoderno. His first experiment was a short filmed in France entitled La situation est Claire. In 2009, he shot Khalid, a documentary presented in numerous international festivals. Meanwhile, Ulisse Futura was shown in Paris at the Ecole des Beaux Arts and at the Genova Film Festival. In 2010, he made Giussano, which looked into the Lega Nord political party. In 2012, I colonnelli di Roma was selected at the Rome Independent Film Festival (RIFF).


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