All Of That

Director: Branislav Milatovic

Englisht title:  All Of That
Original title:   Sve to

2012/ Montenegro/ HD/ 27’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script:  Branislav Milatovic, Ognjen Spahic;   Photography:   Ivan Kostic;  Editing:  Vladimir Radovanovic;   Music:  Milivoje Picuric; Sound:   Novica Jankov&Bobo Stanisic;  Leading actors:   Slavko Stimac Momo Picuric Jovan Miranovic;   Producer:  Ivan Djurovic

Danilo's friend from classroom passed away. Father wants to withdrawn boy's attention from the funeral and the obligations as a president of classroom by going on daily holiday. For father, protecting own child from unkind experience as the funeral by going on fishing, becomes much more difficult task than he expected.


Branislav Milatović was born in 1985 in Titograd, Montenegro. He recently finished Film and TV directing at Faculty of Dramatic Arts Cetinje, Montenegro. He has directed several short films including: Fashion salon (2008), The colors in the sea (2009), This mornining at the station(2010), First love (2011).


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