Rivers Return

Director: Joe Vanhoutteghem

Englisht title:   Rivers Return
Original title:  Rivers Return

2011/ Belgium/ 35mm/ 11’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script:  Joe Vanhoutteghem;  Photography:   Nicolas Karakatsanis; Editing:   Dieter Diependaele;  Music:  Olafur Arnalds;   Producer:   Eurydice Gysel

Are we struggling to fit in, to go with the flow? Or are we fighting to stand out? Who wants to be in the rat race to end up in a place where there’s no room for personality? Fact is: we will never get any younger although we all believe in the illusion. In the end it’s only a painful cycle of disappointment. This is an accidental film. One scene led to another. A kind of story occurred.

Joe Vanhoutteghem (°20/7/1966 - Belgium) studied at the animation department of the K.A.S.K. in Ghent. Immediately after his studies he began as an animation director of commercials and TV titles. In 2000, he joined Koen Mortier to establish CZAR.BE in Brussels. Over this last decade, he has evolved into an SFX films specialist.


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