The Guard

Director: Marta Popivoda

Englisht title:   The Guard
Original title:  Cuvar

2011/ Serbia/ HD/ 26’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script:   Milena Bogavac, Marta Popivoda;  Photography:  Tatjana Krstevski;    Editing:  Natasa Damnjanovic;  Music:   Drasko Adzic;  Sound:  Jakov Munizaba;   Leading actors:   Milos Timotijevic, Milena Moravcevic, Slobodan Pavelkic, Natasa Markovic, Vladislava Djordjevic;  Producer:  Dragana Jovovic 

Bata's understanding of life changes when from a bouncer in a nightclub he becomes a guard in a museum. Though he never set foot in this institution, Bata starts to perceive contemporary art through events involving a controversial painting named Jesus. Passion of Christ, a collage made out of minuscule war and pornographic images, becomes Bata’s metaphor for religion and an illustration of various life principles.Touched by a controversial artwork, he makes excursion from his class milieu.

Born in Belgrade in 1982. She graduated in 2011 in the Film and TV Directing Department of Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. In 2011 she enrolled in the Art and Media department at the Berlin University of the Arts to study master program in experimental film. Her most widely known work is illegal_cinema (2007-‘), which has been presented and developed in Belgrade, Paris, Istanbul, Bilbao and Zagreb. Her work has been presented at film festivals and exhibitions of photography, installation art and video. She is currently based in Belgrade and Berlin. Films: Talk to him(21), CULTURAL WORKER 3 IN 1(50), Monsters(7), Sex, lies and gramophone records(21), Tunnel(4), Fucking Kolo(11)


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