Vanuatu Or The Happiness

Director: Rafa Piqueras

Englisht title:   Vanuatu Or The Happiness
Original title:   Vanuatu o la felicidad

2011/ Spain/ HD/ 19’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script:  Irene Maldonado;  Photography:  Óscar Montesinos;  Editing:  Vicente Ibáñez;  Music:  Fernando Vela;   Sound:   Héctor Brisa;  Leading actors:  Marta Belenguer, Cristina García, Isabel Carmona, Victoria Enguídanos; Producer:  María José Miguel

Today is Cristina's birthday, she's fourty years old now, and she invites three old friends to celebrate it. In the meeting, some of them remember an old promise, that maybe they should have forgotten, because sometimes the memory is bitter than cyanide.

I was born in Valence in 1975. I studied audiovisuals and in 1998 I spent two months in Mexico investigating the contemporary mexican shortfim. Since I came back to Spain, I’ve been working for television in Valence and Barcelona, in different fictional series, programs and documental series. I’ve made three short films as a director, and a 52' documentary for TV. I’ve directed some TV commercials too, and in Barcelona I worked in the promos department of Citytv, where I won two golden latinoamerican Promax Awards in 2002. FILMOGRAPHY: Lucas in formalin (2001) The best typist in the world (2005) Gavarda Casc Antic (2005) Vanuatu or the happiness (2011)


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