Director: Carmen Martínez

Englisht title:   Perspire
Original title:   Suda

2012/ Mexico/ 16mm/ 19’/ Fiction/ Colour

Photography:  José Stempa; Editing:  Patricia Martínez; Animation:  Vico Barberán; Music:  Ian Dozol;  Sound:  Nicolás Aguilar;   Leading actors:  Aurora Gil,Nieves Marcos,Lila Avilés,Ericka Ramírez, Manuel Bo;    Producer:   Ximena Urrutia

Sweath released through the skin pores, as a result of existence.

Carmen Martínez, graduated at the Cinematographic Formation Centre (CCC), specializing as a réalisateur. She has received the young creators grant from the National Culture and Arts Fund (FONCA). Filmography Zoo (2006) Flowers in the box ring (2006) H (2009) May the earth shake at its core (2011)


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