Director: Jorge Mochel Grau

Englisht title:   72
Original title:  72

2011/ Mexico/ HD/ 14’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script:  Jorge Michel Grau; Photography:   Santiago Sanchez; Editing:  Martha Poly R. Mendivil; Music:  Felipe Pérez Santiago;  Sound:   Axel Múñoz Barba;  Leading actors:  Noé Hernández Adriana Paz Marco Antonio Argueta; Producer:  Samuel Sosa


Now seems that in Mexico the only way to get rid of hell is death. The shortest journey to liberation is crossing that border. Life and death are mixed in this shortfilm full of pain, anger and a sad reality. Jerónimo, a Salvadoran who was looking for the American dream, faces the mexican nightmare, the war against drugdeales and its deadly spiral.


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