Director: Ujkan Hysaj

Englisht title:  Kolona
Original title:   Kolona

2012/ Kosova/ HD/ 22’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script:   Besian Hysaj;  Photography:  Samir Karahoda;   Editing:  Ujkan Hysaj; Animation: Vedat Zeka;   Music:  Valton Beqiri; Sound:   Pellumb Ballata;  Leading actors:  Sunaj Raqa, Vlado Jovanovski, Arbnesha Grabovci;  Producer:  Ujkan Hysaj


War. Kosovo 1999. A refugee line is halted at a Serbian checkpoint where the Serb paramilitary take Adem, his son and his brother's son out of the car to shoot them. Adem finds himself in a situation where he has to choose: to save his son or his brother's son.


Ujkan Hysaj is award winning director born in 1984 in Prishtina, Kosovo. He finished the primary and high school in Prishtina and then he studied in Institute for Film and Photography "Gjon Mili´ Prishtinë, Kosovo. Directing film branch he finished in University Of Prishtina, Kosovo. As a film director and producer he worked on number of shorts and documentary films which have participated in many International Film Festivals. In 2010 he found his on Production AJO Pictures for producing films and commercials. Filmography : Documentary film - "Menuet for Maksut and Fetah" - 2003 Short films: "KAONA" 2004, "WINDOWS XP" 2005, "VASKA" 2006, "KOLONA" 2012

Best International Short Award at Monterrey Film Festival 2012 Mexico; Audience Award at Warsaw Film Festival 2012 Poland; Best International Award at Asiana International Short Film Festival 2012 /South Korea.


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