Director: Roozbeh Dadvand

Englisht title:   Mossadegh
Original title:  Mossadegh

2011/ USA/ HD/ 24’/ Fiction/ Colour& Black&White

Script:  Roozbeh Dadvand, Nathaniel C. Leonard; Photography:  John Harrison;  Editing:  Jeff Chen, TJ Volgare;  Music:  Michael J. Lloyd;  Sound:   Paul Andre Fonarev, David Lankton;  Leading actors:  David Diaan, Sam R. Ross,  Bobby Naderi, Dominic Rains; Producer:  Amber Beard

Iran. 1959. It is six years after the CIA orchestrated coup d’état that overthrew democratic Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh from power. Now living under house arrest and suffering from a life-threatening condition, Mossadegh must decide whether or not to trust a brilliant American physician that is sent to treat him

Born in Philadelphia, Roozbeh Dadvand is of Persian descent and has visited Iran several times, where his experiences there inspired interest in political, gender and cultural issues. An aspiring filmmaker, Roozbeh is enrolled in the MFA Film Production program at the University of Southern California. "Mossadegh" represents Roozbeh's graduate thesis. Filmography – Roozbeh Dadvand Director: Mossadegh (2011; short) Writer: Mossadegh (2011; short) Cinematographer: My Silent Sadness (2007; short); Mollusks (2009; short)


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