Out of the woods

Director: Bledar Bujupi

Englisht title:  Out of the woods
Original title:  Out of the woods

2012/ UK/ HD/ 10’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script:   Rick Griffiths;  Editing:    Bledar Bujupi; Music:  Richard Budgers;    Sound:  Sumners Post Production House;  Leading actors:  Christopher Dane; Aiden Driver; Jordan Jessup; Mark Sheals;      Producer:   Stephanie Nurdiansjah

The video speaks about limits of our consciousness, the dimensions that are often difficult to distinguish connect, separated by a conventional border. It is an attempt to challenge what is unknown to us to end of world of illusions, imagination and senses.

Education: 2007 - 2009 Academy of Visual Arts in Poznan, title as visual artist 2007 - 2010 Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, Licence Degree 2010 - 2012 University of Fine Arts in Poznan, Master Degree Interests: Photography, Visual Arts, Intermedia Tourism Literatury Cinematography


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