Start The Engine And Reverse

Director: Andrey Zagidullin

Englisht title:   Start The Engine And Reverse
Original title:   The Vkluchi motor i sday nazad

2012/ Russia/ 35mm/ 4’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script:  Mikhail Arkhipov;    Photography:  Ilya Kondratiev;    Editing:   Eugeniy Klevtsov;  Sound:  Sergey Morozov;   Leading actors:    Lubov Novikova Egor Kharlamov; Producer:  Andrey Zagidullin

A young couple driving on an isolated road knocks over a pedestrian. Their first reaction to assist the man is rapidly rejected because the two lovers have reasons to hide their affair. The girl presses her boyfriend to finish-off the wounded man. The road accident becomes a real murder...

Andrey Zagidullin - Russia's film director, screenwriter and novelist. Made his film debut at 2008 with a short-thriller "The Observer" that participate at the biggest open russian film festival "Kinotavr". Second film "The Red Box" (2009) won the grand prize for best directing at the "Metropolis Short Film Festival" that was presented by famous russian director A.Sokurov in Saint Petersburg. Third film "The comprehension" (2011). "Start the engine and reverse" (2012) is the fourth short film of the director.'


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