The Man In The Habit Of Hitting Me On The Head With An Umbrella

Director: Vardan Tozija

Englisht title:   The Man In The Habit Of Hitting Me On The Head With An Umbrella
Original title:   Covekot so cudna navika da me udira so cador po glava

2011/ Macedonia/ HD/ 15’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script:  Vardan Tozija; Photography:   Vladimir Samoilovski;  Editing:   Filip Grchevski;  Music:  Aleksandar Pejovski;   Sound:  Igor Popovski;   Leading actors:  Igor Angelov , Miliana Lenak;    Producer:  Ognen Antov 

Every next day in Peter’s life is worse than the previous. Which means, every next day proves to be the worst day of his life, until’ one day, a mysterious, silent visitor appears and pounds Peter’s head with his umbrella. And again. And again. And again, without intention to stop. No matter what Peter does to get rid of this pest, the odd little man is there to stay.


PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: FILMS: Director and Screenwriter: - “NAMELESS” - feature film (in development), (2012) – “THERE IS A MAN WITH A STRANGE HABIT OF HITTING ME WITH AN UMBRELLA” - short feature film, (2012) – “THE WHISTLER” - short feature film, part from a long feature omnibus by “SKOPJE REMIXED” (working title), (2011) – “THE DECISION” - short feature educational film, (2010) – “O N E” - short feature film, (2009)”EXCEPTION” - short feature film, (2008) – “HOME’?” - middle-length documentary, (2006) – “NORTHERN FLIGHT”- short feature film, (2005)


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