Director: Vladimir Dembinski

Englisht title:   Tennis
Original title:   Tenis

2012/ Romania/ 35mm/ 15’/ Fiction/ Black&White

Script:  Vladimir Dembinski; Photography:   Vivi Dragan Vasile;  Editing:  Tudor D.Popescu; Sound:  Tudor D.Popescu; Leading actors:  Andi Vasluianu Luca Rotaru Andrei Mateiu;   Producer:  Radu Stancu

Matei is preparing himself today for an important game.He is not afraid of his opponent,but the fact that he goes together with his father

Born on 04.11.1987 in Focsani , Romania. He graduated the National University of Film and Theatre I.L.Caragiale from Bucharest in 2011. Now he’s preparing a play for the independent theatre ’GODOT’ in Bucharest. He also directed several independent short movies and documentaries, selected in festivals such as Next IFF, Clermont Ferrand, Curtas Vila do Conde, Timishort. TENNIS is the graduation film. ’The pay day’ 2008 short movie UNATC “The storm’ 2009 domentary UNATC ’Maybe’ 2009 short movie FilmActingSchool ’Side effects’ 2010 short movie UNATC ’Eclipse’ 2011 short movie FilmActingSchool ’Tennis’ 2012 short movie UNATC


Curtas Vila do Conde 2012 Anonimul FF 2012


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