Ghost In The Machine

Director: Oliver Krimpas

Englisht title:  Ghost In The Machine
Original title: Ghost In The Machine

2011/ UK/ 35mm/ 18’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script: Christopher Coppice, Oliver Krimpas; Photography:  Robbie Ryan, B.S.C.; Editing: Brett Irwin, Oliver Krimpas;   Music:  Michael Malarkey, Stu Kennedy;   Sound:  Edwin Matthews, Simon Matthews;   Leading actors:    Jessica Gunning, Keith Bartlett, Nathan Osgood (voice); Producer:   Anna Davies


A downtrodden farm girl turns the tables on her domineering father with the help of her only friend – a rusting, 60 year-old tractor.


Oliver was born in London to an English mother and a Greek father. He grew up in London and Athens. He received a Masters in Film from Boston University in 1993, specialising in directing. On graduating, he produced and directed commercials and music promos in Los Angeles before moving back to London in 1997. He lives in London with his partner Anna Davies and their two children. 2011 Ghost in the Machine, 35mm,18  2002 Hard Labour, DVCAM,10’ 2000 Walking Home, mini-DV, 7 1995 Come Monday, 16mm, 28


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