Touch Me

Director: Roy Pascal

Englisht title:  Touch Me
Original title:   Corps solidaires

2011/ France/ Digital Beta/ 28’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script: Roy Pascal; Photography:  Robert Chloé; Editing:  Cuilleron Christian;   Sound: Chabert D'hieres Benoit; Leading actors:  Andre Chloé, Brimeux Nicolas, Mazzarella Marcello, Masiero Corinne;   Producer:   Tamara Setton.

Lucie, home-hairdresser, is moved by Martial's, a young handicapped person, lonelyness. In spite of her own hesitations and of her husband's Vittorio, will Lucie accept to exceed the limits of her mission to help Martial discover his body?

Nicknamed the "psynematographer" by French director Patrice Leconte, in reference to his hybrid career between psychology and cinema, Pascal Roy conciliates his two passions: movie making and study of his contemporaries. Psychologist, he keeps a concrete implication in human problems while working on his artistic projects. His first short movies, Magie en péril & Allégorie de la chute, were auto-produced in 2009 & 2010. Corps solidaires, his third short, was completed in 2011. The same year he published a novel Chronique d'une malédiction. While working on the script of his first feature film, he is now preparing the shooting of Par- delà les rails, a short movie


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