Doors, Doors, Doors

Director: Kreshnik Saraçi

Englisht title:   Doors, Doors, Doors
Original title:   Dyer, Dyer, Dyer

2011/ Albania/ HD/ 24’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script: Kreshnik Saraci; Photography:  Royald Elezaj; Editing:  Klodi Agostini; Animation:  Luan Shkodra;   Music:  Gridi Kraja; Leading actors:  Luli Bitri, Ahmet Pasha, Ardit Saraci, Monika Lubonja, Endri Cela; Producer: Dritan Huqi

The parallel history of six people who live in the same floor of the same building. Their lives are connected in all the ways. Their small rooms, the penetrated walls make their lives without privacy.


Kreshnik Saraci has just finished his studies in Akademia e Arteve, in Tirana as a film director. He has published a book of poetry named: "Incesti i Madh", which won too many international and national prizes. This film is a diploma project.

Gjakova film Fest - Best actress prize


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