Director: Nicolas Daenens

Englisht title:  27
Original title:  27

2011/ Belgium/ 16mm/ 12’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script:    Nicolas Daenens; Photography:    Jo Vermaercke; Editing:    Pieter Verbiest; Leading actors:    Titus De Voogdt; Producer:   Bart Van Langendonck.

A young man leaves his home. He just broke up with his girlfriend. He’s 27 years old and realizes that the older he gets, the less he can take it. When he walks through a busy shopping street to run errands, he is constantly approached by people who want something from him. He always responds in a very unpredictable way…

Nicolas Daenens was born in Ostend, Belgium, in 1977. He moved to Ghent when he was 19 years old and started his studies at the Artevelde High School, where he obtained a bachelor in teaching French-History-Geography and a master in journalism. He also studied Film at the Academy in Sint-Niklaas, where he graduated in 2005. After working as a journalist for a year and a half, he decides to give his career as a writer/director a chance and starts writing his own scripts. His short film ‘The Shortest End’ wins the audience award at the “Kort Geknipt” Film Festival and is selected for the NPS New Arrivals at the Rotterdam Film Festival...


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