Dylan's Room

Director: Layke Anderson

English title:  Dylan's Room
Original title: Dylan's Room

2012/ UK/ HD/ 20’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script:  Layke Anderson; Photography:  Jean-Paul Berthoin; Editing:  Layke Anderson, Alejandro Sesma; Music:  David Bickley, Tom Green, Desert of Hiatus; Sound:  Jeremy Lishman; Leading actors:  Joanna Scanlan, Ricky Nixon; Producer:  Layke Anderson, Jean-Paul Berthoin, Maggie Russell

A mother finds solace in her son's deserted bedroom, rummaging through drawers, making discoveries and confronting the past.

Layke Anderson starred opposite Stephen Fry in the European Co- Production House of Boys, as well as minor and supporting roles in films such as Richard Attenborough's Closing the Ring, and the upcoming American horror Re-Kill. He is currently taking a break from acting and has returned to studies full time. Dylan's Room is his first project as writer and director.


Newport Beach International Film Festival; Cannes Short Film Corner; In the Palace International Film Festival


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