Director:  Bartosz Kruhlik

Title in English:  Vanishing
Original title:  Znikniecie

2011/ Poland/ HD/ 20’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script:  Bartosz Kruhlik; Photography:  Daniel Wawrzyniak; Editing:  Grzegorz Szczepaniak; Music:  Andrzej Strzemzalski; Sound: Marcin Bulus-Trando; Leading actors:  Sylwia Juszczak, Adam Sobinski, Kuba Lisiak;
Producer:  PWSFTViT

Housing estate. 35-year-old Iwona takes care of the house during her husband’s absence. She tries to make up with her son Michal and at night spends her time all alone. One day, Michal doesn’t come back home for the night. None of his friends now where he is. The husband doesn’t answer the phone.

Bartosz Kruhlik was born in 1985 in Lubsko (Poland). He finished Secondary Art School in Zielona Gora and Film College in Wroclaw. Now he is study in PWSFTViT in Lodz - Directing Department. His first documentary film “Tomorrow…” gets nearly 40 awards.

Awards: - Honorable Mention ‘Okfa’ Independent Film Festival (Poland 2011) - Nomination For The Polish Independent Film Awards: Best Actress ‘Kameralne Lato’ Film Festival (Poland 2011) Official Selected: - ‘Okfa’ Independent Film Festival (Poland 2011) - ‘Polish Film Festival’ (Poland 2011) - ‘Kameralne Lato’ Film Festival (Poland 2011) - ‘Young And Cinema’ Film Festival (Poland 2011)


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