The stone on the Shore

Director: Jonada Jashari

Title in English: The stone on the Shore
Original title: The stone on the Shore

2011/USA/ 35mm/ 22’/ Fiction/ Colour


Script: Jonada Jashari; Photography: Yousef Linjawi; Editing: Ericka Concha; Music: Andres de la Torre; Sound: Ericka Concha; Leading actors: Andy Scott Harris, Anna Lodej, Katie Johann; Producer: Amir Zoveini

The Stone on the Shore dramatizes the triumph of the soul over the pain of grief. It is the story of a twelve- year- old boy whose harmonious life is silenced by the death of his mother. While living with his aunt, the boy is unable to experience emotional release until he finally faces his suffering.


Jonada was born and lived in a small town in the southern region of Albania. At a young age she exhibited a unique talent for the Arts, as demonstrated by her performance in school plays and poetry recitals. The permanent move of her family from Albania to the U.S at the age of fifteen gave her life a sharp and unexpected turn. Despite the barriers of this transition, she remained unaltered in her passion for the Arts. Jonada received her Bachelors Degree from the University of Massachusetts on Film Studies and on Italian Literature and Cinema. She recently completed her MFA degree on Directing at Chapman University. Jonada has written and directed six short films.


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