The sound of rain

Director:  Jalal Saedpanah

Title in English: The sound of rain
Original title:  Sedaye Baran

2011/ Iran/ Dvcam/ 26’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script:  Jalal Saedpanah; Photography: Amir Alivaisi; Editing:  Loghman Sokhanvar;
Sound: Farid Sedaghat ; Leading actors:  Farshid Gavili Musa Faizi;
Producer: Documentary & Experimental Film Center

Yadi Is Cage maker & he live alone in up of the Roof in his cabin. He train some birds. Young Mongolia boy loves yadi's birds but yadi keep him away from the birds. finally one day he presonid in his cabin, During the challenge with the boy...


(Jalal Saed Panahi /1966/Iranian) Diploma of Actrees in teater department (1991/Sanandaj-Kurdistan) Diploma of cinema in Younger cinema Department (1993/Sanandaj -Kurdistan) Atended to Asistant Director and programmer in iranian cinema house Department.


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