The Hemingway 's Pen

Director:  Renzo Carbonera

Title in English:  The Hemingway 's Pen
Original title:  La penna di Hemingway

2011/Italy/ Digital Beta/ 17’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script:  Renzo Carbonera, Pietro Spirito; Photography:  Luca Coassin; Editing:  Luca Immesi, Giulia Brazzale; Music:  Adriano del Sal, Mauro Zanatto; Sound:  Francesco Morosini; Leading actors:  Christiane Filangieri, Sergio Rubini, Cosimo Cinieri, Francesco Barilli; Producer:  Chiara Valenti Omero

Life can make you dependent on things and fragile - something Claudia found out when she went back to Lignano following the death of her father - whom she hadn't seen for years - and got caught up in the mystery of a pen that had once belonged to Hemingway.

Renzo Carbonera graduated with a thesis on Ken Loach and is a documentary film maker. He is 30 years old and directed 8 TV documentaries, all of them have been distributed and broadcasted worldwide. Renzo also directed the docu-fiction “Stop and Listen”, on the best male polyphonic choir in the world, produced by Ticofilm with RAI, YLE (Finl)

Venice Days; Raindance Film Festival, I've been seen Film Fest; Novara Scenari Orrizontali; Margherita Film Festival, Naoussa Film festival, Bolzano Film Festival'


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