The child will die

Director: César Esteban Alenda, José Esteban Alenda

Title in English: The child will die
Original title: Matar a un niño

2011/ Spain/ 35mm/ 9’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script: José Esteban Alenda, César Esteban Alenda, Victoria Ruiz; Photography: Tom Connole; Editing: César Esteban Alenda;  Music: Sergio de la Puente; Sound: Javier Cepeda ; Leading actors: Roger Princep, Roger Álvarez, Cristina Marcos, Manolo Solo; Producer: Solita Films

It is Sunday. A beautiful dawn on a doomed day. At ten o´clock, a happy child is going to die.

The Esteban Alenda brothers have written, produced and directed 6 short films, among them The Order of Things, nominated at the 2011 Goya Awards, winning First Prize, and the Golden Roundel at the 23rd Medina del Campo Film Week, in addition to The Man Without a Shadow, Goya Award 2009.



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