Director:  Damian John Harper

Title in English:  Teardrop
Original title: Teardrop

2011/ Germany/ 16mm/ 15’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script:  Damian John Harper; Photography:  Friede Clausz; Editing:  Lena Hatebur; Animation:  René Doner; Music:  Tina Rupp; Sound:  Gregor Bonse; Leading actors:  Neal Kodinsky Damion Omar Lee Connor J Smith Julio Cesar Pérez Neev Bar-David Ron "Necro" Braunstein Glenn Fleary Justin Harris De-Anne Dawkins Vito Baltrusaitis; Producer:  The University of Film and TV "Konrad Wolf"

One afternoon Dan is brutally jumped by a gang in his neighborhood. The leader of Dans crew demands that he murder his punisher and earn his official "membership" into the crew: a teardrop tattoo under his eye. Dan stands at the most important crossroads in his life. Will he go through with the killing?

Damian John Harper was born in 1978 in Boulder Colorado, USA. After he finished his B.A. in Anthropology (Magna Cum Laude) he worked as an ethnologist and under water cave dive instructor. In 2006 he started his studies in the department of documentary film and advertising direction at the University of TV and Film in Munich Germany, where he lives with his wife and son.


1. 14th Brooklyn Film Festival AUDIENCE AWARD - BEST SHORT FILM 2. 35th Montreal One World Festival 3. Harlem International Film Festival 4. 10th Open St. Petersburg "BEGINNING" 5. Yosemeti International Film Festival JOHN MUIR AWARD 6. 21st Message 2 Man 7. 4th Annual American Artist Film Festival 8. Festival International De Cine, Puebla 9. Raindance Independent Film Festival, London 10. 14th Ourense International Film Festival 11. 45th Internationaler Hofer Filmtage 12. 24th International Exground Film Festival 13. Filmets Badalona 14. 22nd Stockholm International Film Festival


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