Steam is steam

Director:  Etienne Desrosiers

Title in English: Steam is steam
Original title: Steam is steam

2011/ Canada/ 35mm/ 11’/ Fiction/ B&W

Script:  Etienne Desrosiers, Thomas Waugh; Photography:  Stefan Ivanov; Editing: Christof Flambard; Music:  Michel Drapeau; Sound:  Luc Mandeville; Leading actors:  Jake McLeod, Shayne Devouges, John Dunn-Hill, Jason Blicker; Producer:  Etienne Desrosiers

Montreal 1952, teenager Samuel brings his friend Julien to the neighbourhood steam bath for his weekly routine with Dad. Julien’s first time will be a day to remember.

Etienne Desrosiers studied Cinema in Montreal. Since 1995, he directed nine short films screened worldwide, notably at the Centre Georges-Pompidou (Paris), Huesca and Roma. His film “Portrait of the Artist as Muse” (2005) won numerous international awards, and “Erotography” (2002) who Critic’s Prize at the Manila International Experimental Film Festival. Curator, photographer, he has also written for the National Film Board of Canada and literary magazines, as well as scouting locations for Todd Haynes and John Maybury. Mirrors (2007): Portrait of the Artist as Muse” (2005) : Erotography (2002) : Gilles & Jim (2001)


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