Director:  Alexis Fortier-Gauthier

Title in English:  Snowbound
Original title:  Dans la neige

2011/ Canada/ 35mm/ 15’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script:  Geneviève Simard; Photography:  Philippe Roy; Editing:  Nicolas Roy;
Music:   Sébastien Tremblay; Sound:  Martyne Morin,  Patrice Leblanc; Leading actors: Ariane Legault,  Amélie Dallaire, Christopher Parent; Producer:  Mathieu Denis

Vicky, 13, her figure stuck between childhood and adolescence, secretly bears a heavy burden. When her mother discovers the nature of her troubles, Vicky takes an unsettling decision, in a desperate attempt to reclaim the childhood she has already lost…

Quebec City filmmaker Alexis Fortier Gauthier is the director of AFTER ALL (APRÈS TOUT), which won the Genie for Best Live Action Short Drama in 2008, as well as the award for Best Canadian Short Film and the Kodak Award for Best Cinematography in a Canadian Short at the 2007 CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival. He is the graduate of many filmmaking programs in his native province, including the CEGEP François-Xavier Garneau, l’Université du Québec à Montréal, and l’Institut national de l’image et du son (INIS). He is in the process of developing his first feature film with longtime collaborator Géraldine Charbonneau.'

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