Shades of Beige

Director: Aimee Powell

Title in English: Shades of Beige
Original title: Shades of Beige

2010/ UK/ 35mm/ 16’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script:  Aimee Powell; Photography:  Luke Bryant; Editing:  Matthew McKinnon;  Music:  Paul Lambert; Sound:  David Pringle; Leading actors:  Michelle Dockery, Edward Hogg;  Producer:  Aimee Powell and Ian Beaumont

Jodie (Michelle Dockery) and her brother Brian (Edward Hogg) have shared an unusually close bond since their infancy but when he is convicted of child abuse it begins to unravel. The fragmented narrative jumps between the comforting world of their past and their struggle to salvage their lost idyll.

Aimee studied at University College London where she was selected to develop her writing under the tutelage of American poet Michael Donaghy. She has also trained in acting technique, taking courses at The Actors’ Centre, The London Actors’ Workshop and with the theatre company Theatralia. She has worked on several feature length films as a First Assistant Director, as well as working on TV pilots, shorts and promos. In September 2010 she completed her first professional short film Shades of Beige starring Michelle Dockery and Edward Hogg. Her second project, Deathless, was shot shortly afterwards. She is currently writing a feature-length drama set in 1930s East Tennessee.


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