Director: Fernando Franco

Title in English: Room
Original title: Room

2011/ Spain/ 35mm/ 18’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script: Fernando Franco; Photography: Daniel Sosa; Editing: Fernando Franco; Sound: Nacho R. Arenas; Leading actors: Nuria López; Producer: Ferdydurke

Ana is in the room.

Ten years ago he started working as editor. Since 2007 he has worked both as editor and as film writer and director of his own projects. Among them, the short films Voice Messages and Tu(a)mor, besides the experimental works The end or The Dielman variations. All of them have had a succesful career in festivals all over the world. He is currently working on La espera, his first feature film. In the education area, he is head of Editing at the ECAM, and works with the EICTV, Cuba.


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