Out of erasers

Director: Erik Rosenlund

Title in English:  Out of erasers
Original title:  Sudd

2011/ Sweden/ HD/ 15’/ Fiction/ B&W


Script:  Erik Rosenlund; Photography:  Jonas Rudström; Editing:  Erik Rosenlund;
Music:  Martin Willert; Sound:  Seamus Deivert; Leading actors:  Frida Jansdotter, Björn Söderbäck; Producer:  Daniel Wirtberg

As the world transforms, you´re the last one to find out.

Erik Rosenlund works as an animator and filmmaker. His animated shorts have earned international acclaim; Looking Glass (2007) was selected for official competition at Cannes, while Compulsion (2003) screened in the Critic’s Week at Cannes.Out of Erasers is his first live-action film. His other films are The Dark Side of Morning (2002), Butler (2005), Checkoo (2008) and Small Talk (2009).


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