My Bow Breathing

Director:  Enrico Maria Artale

Title in English:  My Bow Breathing
Original title:  Il respiro dell'arco

2011/ Italy/ 35mm/ 10’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script:  Enrico Maria Artale; Photography:  Luca Frondoni; Editing:  Paolo Landolfi;
Music:  Gherardo Chelazzi; Sound:  Paolo Testa; Leading actors:  Giulia bertinelli, Roberto Antonelli, Michele Botrugno, Germano Gentile, Nicola Canal, Gianluca Vicari; Producer:  Csc Production

A girl tries to attune her breathing to the movements of her bow, arrow after arrow. But her sporting talent hides her need to retrieve a primitive, violent instinct, an archetype.

Enrico Maria Artale (Rome, Italy; 1984) is graduated in Philosophy. He had worked in theatre, realising some screening projects and experimental videos. His first narrative short film, Allegro Compreso, has been selected in more than thirty international film festivals. In 2010 he has presented his first documentary feature, I Giganti dell'Aquila, dedicated to the rugby team of the italian town destroyed by the earthquake. In 2011 his short film Hai in mano il tuo futuro! has been awarded at Giffoni FF, and his last work "Il Respiro dell'arco" has been selected in 64th Locarno Film Festival.


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