Director: Piers Thompson

Title in English: Lin
Original title: Lin

2010/ UK/ HD/ 25’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script:  Piers Thompson; Photography:  Alexander Krumov; Editing:  David Wigram;
Sound:  Doug Haywood; Leading actors:  Lin Clifton, Vesela Kazakova, Alexandar Lubenov Iliev, Valeri Kyrorlinski; Producer: Piers Thompson

A woman arrives at a port town in an unknown country at dawn. Her recounted stories begin to contradict themselves as she travels across the landscape. She is searching for something, a shape or a structure, which we are not even sure exists. Along the road she is eventually forced into initiating the process of self-reckoning. As her artifice begins to fall away she finds herself continuing her journey but now with a sense of resolution.

After gaining experience as an assistant to Milcho Manchevski on the Oscar nominated film 'Before the rain' piers went on to work with Peter Kosminsky and alongside one of the uk's leading directors, Michael Winterbot Tom. This solid foundation proved to be invaluable for piers as he began his career as a director. Piers set up his own production company, Hector films, from where he completed the mult i –award winning short films: 'Waverley', ‘K ’ and ' L i n '. He has also produced a selection of video installations for galleries in London and Paris. Piers is presently developing 'Thamesland', his first feature project.'

BAFTA Screenings Raindance Film Festival Cork Film Festival Clermond Ferrand Film Festival Mecal Film Festival Titanic Internatinal Film Festival Breda 2011 Athens International Film Festival In the Palace - Balchick 2ANNAS Cambridge International Film Festival Sapparo Short Film Festival Rushes Soho Shorts Film Festival Aesthetica Int Film Festival Discussions on Film Festival Awards: BAFTA 2011 Best short film nomination BREDA 2011 NTR Early Board Award Nomination RAINDANCE 2010 Best International Short Film.


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