Journey Of No Return - Last Stop Frankfurt Airport

Director:  Güclü Yaman

Title in English:  Journey Of No Return - Last Stop Frankfurt Airport
Original title: Reise ohne Rückkehr - Endstation Frankfurter Flughafen

2010/ Germany/ HDTV/ 25’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script: Güclü Yaman; Photography:  Susanne Dzeik, Ben Mergelsberg; Editing:  Güclü Yaman; Sound:  Güclü Yaman; Leading actors:  Aljoscha Zinflou, Christian Wewerka, Ali Bulgan, Marcel Miller, Michel Keller, Yüksel Yolcu, Jean- Theo Jost, Christian Kahrmann, Claudia Daseking, Sonja Kerskes, Ivan Anderson, Carsten Lepper, Florian Klein,Belinde Ruth Stieve, Meriem Sahra Userli, Andrea Rea Kurmann, Mehmet Kilic; Producer:  Güclü Yaman

This film is based on the true story of a Sudanese refugee, Aamir Ageeb. He wanted to report the theft of his jacket to the police. But at the police station everything goes completely different to what he imagined. He was labeled as a illegal person. His journey has already begun.

Güclü Yaman was born in Istanbul, Turkey. He studied Computer Media Science in Frankfurt . He began his career as a director and scenarist of the short film “The Test”. This film had a lot of prizes by film festivals

- BEST SHORT FILM AWARD By 11th Milan International Film Festival Awards In Milan/Italy; - BEST FILM AWARD By 7th Akbank Film Festival In Turkey; - BEST DIRECTOR AWARD By Shqip International Film Festivals In Kosova ; - JURY SPEZIAL AWARD By 47th Golden Orange International Film Festival ; - GERMAN HUMAN RIGHTS FILM AWARD 2010, NRnberg/Germany; - BEST SHORT FILM AWARD By Cinemigrante Film Festival Buenos Aires Argentina; - JURY SPECIAL MENTION By One Shot International Short Film Festival In Armenia; - BEST HUMAN RIGHT SHORT AWARD By 3th Minghella Film Festival In Isle Of Wight/ United Kingdom; - BEST SECOND FILM AWARD By 9th Jan Machulski International Film Festival In Warsaw, Poland; - JURY SPEZIAL AWARD 18th Golden Boll Film Festival In Turkey; --Festivals(Selected)-- FESTIVALS (Selected) 38th Athens International Film Festival In USA 30th Istanbul International Film Festival In Turkey 38th Telluride Film Festival In USA 27th Tehran International Short Film Festival In Iran 11th Las Palmas De Gran Canaria Int\'L. Film Festival In Spain 14th Zanzibar International Film Festival In Tanzania 9th San Sebastian Human Rights Film Festival In Spain 11th Beirut International Film Festival In Lebanon 6th Sapporo Short Fest Selecting Committee\'S Festival Favorites In Japan 4th International Steps Film Festival In Ukraine 6th Asterfest International Film Festival In Macedonia 4th Northwave Film Festival In Iceland 7th Romania International Film Festival.


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