I Wish Someone Were Waiting For Me Somewhere

Director:  Babak Amini

Title in English:  I Wish Someone Were Waiting For Me Somewhere
Original title:  Dost dashtam kasi jai montazeram bashad

2011/ Iran/ HD/ 30’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script:  Babak Amini; Photography:  Ashkan Ashkani; Editing:  Atefeh Khademolreza;
Sound:  Mehrdad; Leading actors:  Bita Saharkhiz, Sima Khezrabadi; Producer:  Sadegh Hosseini

Maryam, a 26 years old girl, working in an old woman house as a nurse in Tehran, she is living with her cotenant Bahar,. She got the temporary marriage with a son of the old woman but it`s secret and also the man has an official wife and a small daughter. Maryam is pregnant around 3 months but did talk about it to her temporary husband but he knows after 3 months and asks Maryam to abort it but Maryam wants to keep it and their challenge is goes on.

Born on 1978 in Iranian Kurdistan, graduated in the major of philosophy from Tehran University. I have been the 17th Cinéfondation session resident in the Cannes film festival from Oct 2008 till Feb 2009 and was working on my first feature movie by the name: “30 Days with Me” And also, working for several years as the director assistant of Bahman Ghobadi Like: “A time for drunken horses”, “Turtles Can Fly”, “No one knows about the Persian cats. And made five short films: 1) Girls without Glasses 2002 2) On that Day 2008 3) Angels die in the soil 2008 4) Banquet Under the water 2010 5) I wish someone were waiting for me somewhere 2011.

Chicago 2011,Drama 2011,Santiago 2011,Beirut 2011,Torino 2011..


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