Here, Now And Tomorrow

Director:  Raphael Wallner & Stefan Elsenbruch

Title in English:  Here, Now And Tomorrow
Original title:  Ab Morgen

2010/Germany&Bosnia/ DVCPRO/ 23’30’’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script:  Raphael Wallner & Stefan Elsenbruch; Photography:  Fabian Spang; Editing: Daniel Falk; Music: Philipp F. Koelmel; Sound:  Clemens Becker; Leading actors:  Anno Koehler, Helmfried von Luettichau, Adem Smailhodzic, Sabina Sidro, Andreas Wimberger, Gordana Heyden-Gueli, Florian Puscher, Cosima Lucia Muck, Natalya Nepomnyashcha; Producer: Raphael Wallner & Stefan Elsenbruch

The story of a man, who buys another man’s life, to save his own. Christoph is critically ill and travels abroad to buy the kidney of a living donor. Lost in a foreign city and totally unknown situation, he finally undergoes the surgery, where the donor is killed by accident. Full of doubts, Christoph is plagued by his bad conscience and the thought of having destroyed another man’s family. A film about conscience, morality and humanity.

Stefan and Raphael (born 1986) met early in school and soon discovered their passion for filmmaking. Directly after finishing school they both continued studying filmdirecting. Already during their time as students, they launched the film production company ‚Black Rabbit Pictures’. Usually working as a directing-duo, Stefan and Raphael shot several cinema commercials, image and short films, including the short film „Facing“ and their graduate film „Here, Now and Tomorrow“. 2010 "Bimobil", Imagefilm, (Direction/Production) "A Bayer goes Kanada", Serviceplan, daily Facebook webblog of Olympics 2010 in Canada (Direction) 2009 "Silhouetten",Eyetrip, music video, Sony Ent.

Festivals: Max Ophuels Preis Saabruecken, Starter Filmpreis Muenchen, Sehsuechte Potsdam, Palm Springs International Shortfest, Odense International Film Festival, I've Seen Films - Film Festival, Cambridge Film Festival, interfilm 27. Berlin International Short Film Festival...u.A. Awards: Rating 'very valuable' by German Film and Media Evaluation (FBW) FBW Shortfilm of the month September 2010 Officially nominated for the Starter Filmpreis 2011 2nd at Open Eyes Filmfestival Marburg



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