Greetings From Prishtina

Director:  Petrit Domi

Title in English: Greetings From Prishtina
Original title:  Përshendetje nga Prishtina

2011/ Kosovo/ HD/ 9’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script:  Rrahman Fetahu & Petrit Domi; Photography:  Petrit Domi; Editing:  Patrik Domi; Music:  Visar Kuqi; Sound:  Patrik Domi; Leading actors:  Rrahman Fetahu; Producer:  Petrit Domi & Rrahman Fetahu

By understanding the new reality in a postwar Kosovo, a young serbian, disappointed of his former political leaders decides to retaliate against those he loved the most ... In a depressed, drunk and chaotic situation……. he finds the unique way to revenge.

Studies: University of Prishtina. section: Drama; Film directing Worked with producers to conducting story research, preparing film packages for line-up, mastering and distributed rundown. Used film, digital & editing equipment. Shot, reported and edited daily & weekly news stories to be aired on Com-cast Cable Programming. Rotated operational positions during production of EHC-TV. Fully capable of anchoring, shooting with linear and digital equipment, producing, and directing.


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