Director:  Dahci Ma

Title in English:  Ghost
Original title:  Ghost

2011/ South Korea/ HD/ 10’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script:  Dahci Ma; Photography:  Sunhyuk Kim; Editing:  Limpyo Go;
Music:  Youngkyu Jang; Sound:  Myunghoon Jung; Leading actors:  Taeyoung Kang;
Producer:  Jay Jeong

It is a film about a man hiding out in an empty house. The man, who is chased by police, is caught up in a fantasy with extreme hunger and anxiety. However, what he faces at the end is the darkest side of himself.

Dahci Ma is a South Korean filmmaker born in 1987 and an alumna of 2009 Berlin Talent Campus. She started filmmaking right after dropping out of junior high school at the age of 14. Since 2005, her third short film, , has been shown at several international film festivals. She won the Jury Prize at 37th Dance on Camera Festival in New York in 2009 with another short film, . She was the youngest director who has ever won the prize. Dahci Ma has a broad perspective as a director, which she gained based on the experiences of working in various genres and styles of film.

64th Festival de Cannes – Short Film Competition (France) 60th Melbourne Film Festival – Short Film Competition (Australia) 31th Cambridge Film Festival (UK)


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