Dissection of a storm

Director: Julio Soto

Title in English: Dissection of a storm
Original title: Diseccion de una tormenta

2010/ Spain/ Red/ 18’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script: Julio Soto& Alfonso De La Puente; Photography: Alvaro Martin Blanco; Editing: Julio Soto; Music: Rafael Arnau; Sound: Jinglebox; Leading actors: Cristina Piaget; Producer: Adriana Malfatti

A woman called D, seeks shelter from a tormenting past in a sanatorium in the middle of the mountains. The obsession she runs away from is death. But death has taken for her an unusual shape: her own hair. In the sanatorium she will get to know the Director and the other patients who all share the same obsession for hair. The arrival of a powerful storm will begin to surface the fear of past memories and the inmates prepare for the storm's final assault.  Will this storm be the cure that everyone is seeking or will it, on the other hand, bring the destruction that D anticipated?

As a film director, writer and producer, Julio Soto's films have received many international awards and have been exhibited at over a hundred world class film festivals. They have also been broadcast worldwide in channels such as National Geographic, Channel 4 UK, History Channel, Aljazeera, etc. Julio Soto holds a fellowship from the New York Foundation for the Arts and currently lives in Madrid, Spain. His most recent film, "My Beautiful Dacia" was made for Channel4 (UK), SVT (Sweden) and MDR-Arte (Germany). It was broadcast on Sept. 2010 on Channel4 and is scheduled to show at many world class film festivals this winter 2010. A previous film on the Chernobyl disaster, "Radiophobia" was broadcast on more than 40 countries, winning international acclaim.


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