Director:  Bartlomiej Zmuda

Title in English:  Barbakan
Original title:  Barbakan

2011/ Poland/ 35mm/ 21’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script:  Lukasz Ludkowski; Photography:  Ernest Wilczynski; Editing:  Weronika Blawut; Music:  Kamil Kopczynski, Marta Kacprzyk; Sound: Ewa Bogusz ;
Leading actors:  Marek Kossakowski,Anna Próchniak,Andrzej Mastalerz,Wojciech Bartoszek; Producer:  Mariola Gawinek


Based on a true story. Emil B.(21) is coming back home from work In Germany. In Poland, there is Anna (18) waiting for him. Emil’s arrival is supposed to solve their economic problems. Unfortunately, something wrong happens during Emil’s trip. Emil continues his journey anyway - on a train called “Barbakan”. There is still a lot that can happen during the next couple of hours…

Born in 1981 in Nysa, Poland. After graduating theological faculty In Warsaw and a two year film school in Wroclaw he was involved in making music videos for British music bands (DJ VADIM, BUEN CHICO, UNSIGNED ARTISTS). Since 2007 he’s a student of a film directing faculty in The Polish National Film, Television and Theater School in Lodz. 2010 “Barbakan” 2008 –2009 Directing actors in the short films: „Spring”, „Between”, „Mandala”, „Aortha” 2008 „The Frost” 2006 Author of the screenplay for the british music video "Choosing my religion" Director and author of screenplays for music videos of: Dj Vadim, Unsigned Artists 2004 „Transcendance"


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