Waiting for yesterday

Director: Patrick Junghans

Title in English: Waiting for yesterday
Original title: Waiting for yesterday

2011/ Belgium/ HD/ 8’/ Animation/ Colour

Script: Patrick Junghans; Sound: Yves De Mey; Producer: Anthony Rey

A depressed man struggles to move on and escape haunting memories of his wife, who was killed several years ago in a tragic accident.

"Waiting For Yesterday" 2011, 08:15 min; "Box" 2005, 10:26 min; "Tokyo" 2004, 06:30 min; "Teddy" 2004, 03:58 min; "Shizo" 2002, 05:20 min; "Pause", 2001, 10:48 min; "The Hunters", 2000, 04:20 min


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