Director:  Javier Mrad

Title in English:  Teclopolis
Original title:  Teclópolis

2009/Argentina / DVD/ 12’/ Animation/ Colour

Script:  Javier Mrad, Javier Salazar, Javier Swedsky; Photography:  Juan Maglione;
Editing:  Hugo Primero, Diego Primero; Animation:  Becho Lo Bianco, Mariano Bergara; Music:  Cesar Lerner; Sound:  Pablo Locane; Producer:  Diego Primero, Javier Mrad

Once upon a time... Old magazines gently dance in the wind. A super-8 camera crawls over a wooden table while an old carpet flows in and out. Suddenly, a mouse and then, a whole civilization running towards its inevitable destiny. Plastic waste has reached the point where not even the most distant beaches are safe.

He is a graphic design teacher and broadcast designer/motion graphics animator with 20 years professional experience. From '86 to '97 he directed on-air design for Channel 13, TN, Grupo Clarín, and in '97 he founded his own company www.medialuna.tv. From '98 to '07 he was in charge of designing the corporative image of global channels like Warner, HBO, Fox, Natgeo, Discovery, Nickelodeon, etc including releases of TV channel in London, Italy, India and Vietnam. In '05 he founded www.banzaifilms.tv. After 20 years of broadcast experience, he retired from commercial work, to teach full time, and to create his own films.

3rd Festival Internacional de Animación, ANIMEC (21 Oct - 28 Oct, 2010) Ecuador - Best Iberoamerican Animated Short Film; 8th Tindirindis: Tarptautinis Animaciniu Filmu Festivalis (25 Oct - 7 Nov, 2010) Lithuania - GRAND PRIZE, International;
6th Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes "El Cine a las Calles" (FICCC) (4 Nov - 27 Nov, 2010) México - First Award, Animation; 34trh CINANIMA, International Animated Film Festival (9 Nov - 14 Nov, 2010) Portugal - BEST SHORT FILM; 2nd CutOut Fest: International Animation Film Festival (11 Nov - 13 Nov, 2010) México - First Award. Narrative Category; 1st Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de Cosquín (FICIC) (26 May – 28 May, 2011) Córdoba, Argentina – Best Short Film  


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