On Fire

Director:  Zoltan Horvath

Title in English:  On Fire
Original title:  Feu Sacré

2010/  Schweiz/ HD/ 9’/ Animation/ Colour

Script: Zoltan Horvath; Photography: Robert Nortik; Editing: Zoltan Horvath; Animation: Lynn Gerlach, Shinta Juilland, Julien Melt , Zoltan Horvath; Music: Léon Rousseau; Sound: Leon Rousseau; Producer:  Nicolas Burlet

On Fire’ is a tribute to one of the greatest actors of stage and screen, Marlon Brando; a rebel, a genius, a man who never knew the meaning of the word ‘compromise’ and Influenced profoundly everything actors' generation after him.

Zoltan Horvath was born in Geneva in 1966. He has been a director of animation films for the last 15 years. His work is unique, both in its style and its subject matter; an ironic retelling of some of the greatest legends of our time. He takes on the big themes, in a humorous and attractive way, leading us to new understandings and insights into the stories we thought we already knew. His films have been selected for many important festivals, and have received more than 50 prizes.


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