How to raise the moon

Director: Anja Struck

Title in English: How to raise the moon
Original title: How to raise the moon

2011/ Germany& Denmark/ 35mm/ 8’48’’/ Animation/ B&W

Script:  Anja Struck; Photography:  Angela Poschet, bvk; Editing: Anja Struck; Animation:  Dan Ramsey, Anja Perl; Music:  Marcio Doctor; Sound:  Marcio Doctor; Leading actors:  Tora Balslev; Producer:  Anja Struck

In a place of condensed time, the stagnant things become alive and Sleep (Fox) and Death (Bunny) are fighting over a sleeping woman´s life. An experimental animation shortfilm about stalemate, surreal cycles in a poetic world and the secret of how to raise the moon.

Born in 1973, Anja Struck studied Animation and Experimental Film at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Germany. In 1999, she founded the art collective “ Reflektorium” together with Lars Henkel and Mario Wagner. She directed several animated shortfilms that have been screened internationally and have won several awards. Filmography (short films): 2011 "How to raise the Moon",2004 "Allerleirauh",2002 "Enfants du Miel", 2001 "15 ways to describe the rain", 2000 "NIN-The fragile", 2000 "Scenes from the 2nd storey"


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