Director: Frèdèrique Ortega

Title in English: Corridor
Original title: Corridor

2011/ France/ HD/ 11’15’’/ Animation/ Colour

Script: Frèdèrique Ortega;  Editing: Romain Strabol; Animation: Wang Jing, Marielle Guyot; Music: Matthieu Levain; Sound: Matthieu Levain; Producer: Serge Elissalde, Olivier Catherin

A young boy and his parents walk around in a carnival. The mother encourages her son to have a go on a ghost train, alone. Apprehensively, the child accepts. Across the tunnel, he will find himself in a real train where he will be confronted to himself and grow up.

Frèdèrique Ortega bor in Casablanca, Marocco, on September 16the 1967. He is graduated at the Parisian Academy of Fine Arts. Fascinated by the moving image, she began making films in Super 8, then in 16mm (“The other day”, 2004) and today she uses digital means.


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