About Killing The Pig

Director:  Simone Massi

Title in English: About Killing The Pig
Original title:  Dell'ammazzare il maiale

2011/ Italy/ Digital Beta/ 6’/ Animation/ Colour-B&W

Script: Simone Massi; Photography: Simone Massi; Editing: Simone Massi; Animation: Simone Massi; Music: Stefano Sasso; Sound: Stefano Sasso; Producer: Simone Massi

At the beginning of January the men enter the pig's sty and tie his muzzle. While he is being dragged out to be killed the animal has the chance to see the sky and the things of the World.

Born in Italy, Massi studied at the State Institute of Fine Arts of Urbino, and works as am independent animator. Immemoria (1995); Racconti (1996); Keep on! Keepin' on! (1997); Pittore, aereo (2001); Tengo la posizione (2001); Piccola mare (2003); Io so chi sono (2004); La memoria dei cani (2006), Nuvole, mani (2009).


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