The Very Same




Fiction | Albania | 2014 | 25’


The film is focused on the nowadays Albanian youth. A guy must work, attend school, activities and rent a house at the same time. Being under pressure for lack of time, he starts lying. In a certain moment, everything in his mind start to be confused, and he is not more sure, what time, situation and chatacters, he is attending.


Screenplay: Gerti Selenica Cinematography: Vladimir Grori

Editing: Gjergji Pano

Sound Design: Florian Heta

Music: Etmond Mancaku

Main Cast: Orsi Vangjeli, Marko Bitraku, Eduard Feka, Alban Musaku, Klodi Kadillari, Llesh Biba, Shkelzen Berhani, Arben Mirdita

Producer: Act@Art Studio


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